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New EPA regulations require Mid-Dakota to have inventory of all residential water lines, public and private by October 2024. Please take a few minutes to fill out our online survey complete with a picture at the end. 

Due to a shortage of materials, our waiting list for new hookups is backed out to at least 12 months. At this time, you are still able to get on the waiting list, but we want our customers to be aware of the wait time. Please understand this is out of our control, but if you have questions, feel free to call our Miller office.

After Hours or Emergencies call Mid-Dakota Toll Free at 1-800-439-3079


   Mid-Dakota Rural Water System, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider >

The Mid-Dakota Rural Water System... serves over 6,400 connections including 28 town or community water systems. Mid-Dakota includes approximately 3,800 miles of pipeline with users residing in all or parts of 14 counties in the east-central portion of South Dakota. Currently Mid-Dakota has completed its final stages of construction on the originally authorized project.  Mid-Dakota is currently working on an expansion project which includes a new Backwash Filter at our Water Treatment Plant to help produce more filtered water per day, 140 miles of mainline to be able to deliver water to current customers and also continue to grow and add new customers. Last on this project, we will be replacing our Automatic Meter Reading System.   

2024 MDRWS Scholarship Winners
Abigail Kolousek- "The Importance of Rural Water in Rural Communities" 
Jarron Beck - "Mid-Dakota"
Shaylee Anderberg - "What Mid-Dakota Does for Me"
Jaycee Baruth - "How Agriculture and Rural Areas Benefit from Mid-Dakota Rural Water" Read the essays >